About us – with less sales speak, and more honesty

It would be easy enough to fill this page with a never ending sales pitch. Using popular sales phrases like the bestnumber one, proven, excellent reputation and so on, in a bid to charm our way into getting new customers. We could tell you that we ‘pride’ ourselves on one thing, or that we’re ‘number one’ in another. But are these genuine facts? Can these claims be ‘proven’? Will you believe it? 

Or perhaps more importantly, does the ‘information’ on an About page ever actually tell you anything about the company?

Well… this one does.

The team at Roar Equipment have a combined 75 years of shopfitting and joinery experience (and that doesn’t include experience gained in other industries and professions, such as advertising, transport and logistics, manufacturing, and finance). 

While we certainly identify as shopfitters, we do a large amount of work in source and supply. We have employees in Asia, Europe, and the US always on the lookout for new items that would flourish in the Australian market. Our experience in sourcing materials has proven beneficial to many clients, who have been able to get their shopfitting needs accomplished at a much cheaper rate than they were expecting. 

We have a team of accredited product designers, engineers and architects who help to conceptualise your business dreams and make them a reality. While a pen and paper are always a great place to start when trying to bring to life your design ideas, sometimes you need something more. And if you do, our team can provide that if it’s needed.

Did you know we can fit out an entire store? Yep – an ENTIRE store. Supermarkets, cafés, butchers, tobacconists, bakeries (and the list goes on), supplied with registers, shelving, benches and counters, joinery, items that meet AS/NZS requirements, etc, etc. We could go on, but we’re sure you get the point.

Our operations team can manage your project. If you’re looking to expand and open an additional store (or even if you’re just flat out doing a million things at once) we can step in and take as little or as much of the load off your shoulders as you need.

Finally – we design, build, supply, and install. That makes us a literal one stop shop. We’ve mentioned we have designers and a production team that builds. We’ve mentioned that we source and supply. And we also install, because who else is better equipped to install what we have made, than the people who made them?

If you have any questions about Roar Equipment, don’t hesitate to ask. Sure, we want your business, but we also find it appealing to be reputable as well.