Bakery Displays

No Loafing Matter!

The very best bakeries have such a vast array of breads, rolls, pastries and cakes, that it’s sometimes too difficult to choose what you want!

But what makes a good bakery display?

Experience has taught us that a standard product range isn’t always the answer, so we have a “Custom Design & Construct” service.
This enables owners the opportunity to heavily influence the design and structure of the display, so it best suits their needs. After all – shopfitters aren’t bakers!

We can provide carts, stands, units, as well as ambient shelving, all finished to look like they belong together; in your store.

We ensure our displays are;

  • Custom made to suit individual store needs
  • Meets Australia/New Zealand Standards for holding freshly baked goods
  • Tailored to suit different stock sizes
  • Caters to proprietary brands (should it be required)
  • Finished to suit other display items

We also offer;

  • LED Lighting
  • Additional cabinetry for bench tops and counters
  • Storage options (when space is at a premium)
  • Shelving for other products, with matching finishes
  • Fixings such as wall, lid, scoop and tong options