Gilbert’s Fresh – Southlands

Stage 1 Gilberts Fresh Southlands – Perth WA

Roar Equipment is so proud to be working for an excellent retailer in WA. 

Gilberts Fresh – Southlands is setting the benchmark in Fresh Produce Displays, and also working hard to reduce food waste.

We are currently in the middle of installing the largest Humidification System to be installed in an ambient display anywhere in the world. Our task is to provide Dry Mist to an area of roughly 80m2, through approximately 500kg of stainless-steel tube, 36 lineal meters of 76mm stainless-steel distribution tube, plus all the connection and transfer capillaries. The advanced design of this distribution system has been an absolute challenge that we have taken on with pride. It has taken us longer than anticipated but perfection always takes time, and John Opferkuch and his team have been excellent in their understanding,

We all want for this to be the showcase, as well as do our bit in reducing food waste.