Humidification Systems

Contronics Dry Misting | Celebrating 40 Years of Reducing Food Waste! 

It goes without saying that reducing food waste has immense benefits to the customer, retailer, supplier and of course – our planet. 
At Roar Equipment, we are so very proud to be helping play our part in the battle against food waste. 

Congratulations to Contronics. Here’s to the next 40 years! 

Helping Stop The Waste

A recent report estimated that the cost of food waste to the Australian economy was around $20 billion each year.¹ This was on top of Australian consumers throwing away approximately 3.1 million tonnes of food, with the commercial and industrial sector throwing away a further 2.2 million tonnes.

These numbers are quite alarming, and having worked alongside many grocers while building Produce Displays, we have seen first hand how hard it can be prolonging the life of fresh food. We felt obligated to help, or at the very least, offer a product that can help grocers, consumers, and of course – mother nature!

We have teamed up with Contronics – a Dutch company, who is “inspired by nature to reduce food waste.”

Utilising their humidification systems allows for your produce to stay fresher – on it’s shelf – for longer. See for yourself in the video below.

To take advantage of this fantastic innovation in helping mother nature (and helping to increase your profits at the same time), feel free to contact us.


¹ SARDI [2015] Primary Production Food Losses” Turning losses into profit. South Australian Research and Development Institute, Primary Industries and Regions South Australia