IGA Walgett + Liquor

Roar Equipment would like to congratulate the team at IGA Walgett + Liquor for their commitment to the local community of Walgett and the surrounding districts. 

In 2019, the 1,200m2 store was destroyed by fire. Concerned for the local community, the team then opened a small, emergency store adjacent to the destroyed building, carrying approximately 1,500 products. Here they were able to provide Walgett locals with the basics whilst they began the daunting task of rebuilding the new store.

Roar Equipment were engaged to to provide all major and minor items of the store fit out, and were set a fairly tight tight frame to make it happen. Roar took responsibility for all items (with the exception of refrigeration and ovens), and we were able to supply, deliver and install all of the following – on time AND on budget;

  • Front of House
    • Customer guidance automated and animated entry gates and guidance rails
    • Trolley bay
    • 212 Litre shopping trolleys
    • Shopping baskets, and stands
    • 2x Tandem full metal belted registers 
    • 2x Full metal express and belted express registers 
    • Sneeze guards
    • Service counter 
    • Single full metal belted register (liquor)
  • Trading Area
    • 2 Tier produce displays
    • Low height, quality gondola shelving with feature ends for the bakery area
    • Full height grocery gondolas 
    • Security high value bays 
    • Dense ends with category aisle signage 
    • Flat and angled data strip with gripper
    • Chrome display hooks
  • Liquor 
    • Low height heavy duty shelving 
    • Full height heavy duty shelving 
    • Security high value bays
    • Data strip 
    • Display hooks 
  • Back of House
    • Pallet racking 
    • Stock trolleys (single and double tier) 
    • Safety steps
    • 4 Step safety platform ladders 
    • Fully welded stainless steel benches with splash backs for;
      • Deli (instore) 
      • Bakery (instore)
      • Produce preparation area
      • Meat preparation area
    • Staff lockers 

It was our pleasure to play a role in this massive undertaking, and we would like to thank the team from IGA Walgett + Liquor for trusting us with a project of such magnitude. We would also like to thank everyone at IGA Walgett + Liquor AND the local community of Walgett for their hospitality whilst the Roar Equipment team were in town aiming to provide you the highest quality products available. 

The store looks fantastic, and everyone involved ought to be proud of what has been accomplished.

We wish the IGA Walgett + Liquor team, the local Walgett community and the districts the very best of luck in the future.