Independent Retailer Specialist

Bringing your blank canvas to life!

Picture a supermarket; aisles of shelves lined with products, fresh produce on custom made units, a bakery section filled from floor to ceiling with bread, cakes, and pastries. Picture the liquor display with a prize-winning bottle of red being illuminated by lighting, before you head toward the line of registers as you make your way out the door with a trolley full of goods.

Now picture the same supermarket empty. Just a vast, vacant floor, uncovered walls and a ceiling. Everything that makes up the skeleton of a supermarket to stock full of products; we can supply and install. From the car park to the loading dock, entry gates, trolleys (and trolley bays), registers (both belted and express), single and double sided shelving, signage, staff room joinery and furniture, wall panels, bakery and liquor displays, display lighting, humidification systems to keep produce and seafood fresher for longer – absolutely everything! We supply it. We install it.

Everything that you would need in the below floor plan, from project management, the supply of every piece of equipment, and the installation – Roar Equipment can provide for you, and do it a time that suits your business!