Manufacturing | Local & Overseas

We find a way!

We have the unique ability to utilise local, modernised manufacturing facilities in all aspects of producing commercial equipment, which is particularly useful for short run, time sensitive products.

With metal fabrication facilities, we have the ability to work in sheet and sectioned product, with all of the modern (and traditional) machinery and equipment. Add to this the in-house powder coat line and we can supply finished product in the best time and at the best price.

We also have joinery facilities, fully equipped with the most modern equipment available. And with our experienced team working on your products, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will be getting the highest quality, in the best time available.

Beyond our local services, we have partnerships with overseas facilities that can provide almost any product (from either their catalogue, or our own design) in bulk supply and also short runs. With our own staff on the ground in these areas, we are able to provide;

  • Administration
  • Cost-efficient pricing
  • Sourcing
  • Translation
  • Quality control checks (prior to any product being packaged and loaded into containers for dispatch)

The general lead time for new a product is 4 -6 weeks from the time of order. We have partners in metal, wire, joinery, plastics, electronics, glass, and many more.

Manufacturing is what we do very well!