Produce Displays

Produce Producing Profits!

There has been a noticeable shift in recent times of Australians avoiding processed foods, and instead opting for a ‘real food’ diet. Rising health consciousness, and high obesity levels, have triggered growth in gym memberships, as well as active participation in fitness programs such as CrossFit. And with an increase in the diagnosis of food intolerance, there has never been greater importance for consumers to eat fresh foods.

The produce area of a supermarket, once the most unappealing corner of a store, is now the most vital. And with the above trends continuing to rise rapidly, Produce Displays have never been more paramount for a grocery store. We have an ever evolving range of displays for your fresh foods, and our biggest asset is how we can tailor displays to blend in with the existing items you already have in your store. We can design, build, supply and even install;

  • Single/multiple bay island displays (with customised feature ends)
  • Single/multiple promo tables for sale items
  • Multi-tiered single or double sided shelving
  • Bulk Food Dispensers/Scoop Bins on any or all displays
  • Storage options in displays (when space is at a premium)
  • Displays on lockable wheels for safe, and easy manoeuvring
  • Unique, customised displays, tailored specifically for your store

But we know how difficult it can be to manage ‘fresh’ foods, in particular on how to increase their shelf life. And we can help! Check out our Humidification Systems page.