Check-Out our Registers

The value of a business owner (or their staff) being able to interact with customers is immeasurable. Having a strong and sturdy register that is easy to use will leave your attendants in the best possible place to engage in your best form of sales!

Roar Equipment registers can be tailored to suit;

  • Store Layout
  • Product Range
  • Seated or standing attendants
  • Ease, or congest, foot traffic
  • Bag Holder positions
  • Display stands

All of our registers are designed with some key elements in mind, such as ease of use, and ensuring there is a strong ergonomic structure for attendants. But the beauty of our custom made registers is the peace of mind they provide; they were built solely for your store! And as shopfitting specialists, we are only too happy to help build aspects of your store around your register, such as;

  • Additional counter space
  • POS advertising or display equipment
  • Security frontage
  • Cigarette cabinets
  • Impulse purchase product stands