Shelving, Shelf Management & Storage

General Ambient Shelving
With Roar Equipment Classic Shelving we have the mix to suit any store design you seek, with a range from general gondolas to specialised liquor shelving, and everything in between.
With a variety of finishes available, as well as many display options, we have what you need to maximise your storage footprint.
Whatever product you have, we have the shelving to hold it, with our systems rated at 130 kg per shelf. We can offer variation in both depth and height. If space is tight we can even provide storage solutions for excess stock!

Shelf Management
With a full customisation range of shelf management systems, your stock will always find its way to the front of the shelf. Utilising our pushers, rollers and gravity feed range, your products remain in sight of your customers, with the only empty space on show is a sold out item!

Display Accessories
With options varying from Hooks and Brochure Holders, to Display Stands and Pricing & Tagging Guns, Roar Equipment is your one stop shop for your display Accessories.
We can maximise your P.O.S. space with an array of displays that suit your business, and increase your advertising opportunities.
And we are all too aware of the importance of security. We offer a range of anti-theft locking systems to help prevent those easily hidden items finding their way into the hands of thieves!

Roar Equipment has solutions for all of your storage requirements, be it for Retail Space, Warehouse, Factory or Office. We have our standard range, and can just as easily adapt to the needs of your business and design special equipment for any storage or presentation solution you require.
We can manufacture locally for the quick response, or plan and develop products for manufacture overseas. We will then arrange the supply process all the way through to installation, utilising the most cost efficient solution that your business demands.
From concept development and design, through to supply, installation and ongoing service requirements, our team are committed to providing practical and economical retail, warehouse, factory or office storage solutions for our customers.