Retail Signage Solutions

With a wide range of options, for every corner of your store, we have your retail signage solutions.
Not only that, we also have the best signage system you will ever see!


Reel E-Z Display Retractable Signage System

Available in two weight capacities (one that holds up to 1 kg, and one that holds up to 2.5 kg!) this easy to use signage system comfortably clips to any grid ceiling framework, without any adaptors. It extends up to 3 metres, with the adjustable stopper allowing easy height sign changes. The self levelling feature assures neat and even appearance at all times!

Using the telescopic extension pole means you only require one person to change signs. You use the angles part of the pole to pull the sign down. The weight of the pole keeps the sign and clear tube in place, leaving both hands free to safely change signage – without need a ladder!

Check out the demo below 

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