From anywhere in the world, and into your store

Sourcing, in a nutshell, is the process of selecting suppliers that provide goods or services, at a much lower cost than can be expected in your local market. It is the first step in supply chain management, and is potentially the most vital. We understand it’s importance, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure we are ahead of the pack! 

We have employees currently located overseas, who are employed to be on the lookout for exciting new products that may flourish in the Australian market. While looking into these new products, we have developed tremendous business partnerships allowing us our own manufacturing facilities overseas. 

It is these partnerships abroad, as well as our own experience in sourcing, that has seen our clients greatly benefit from having their product manufactured overseas in one of our facilities. And this is even more evident when bulk supply of a product is required. 

With employees, facilities, and business partnerships all over the world, we are confident we can help you and your business source the products you need.