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Congratulations to the team at

IGA Walgett + Liquor

Roar Equipment would like to congratulate the team at IGA Walgett + Liquor for their commitment to the local community of Walgett and surrounding districts. 

In 2019, the 1,200m2 store was destroyed by fire. What the team then did for the local community has been remarkable! Click the link below to read more about this, and how Roar Equipment were able to help.  Read more about Walgett IGA + Liquor
Helping essential workplaces during COVID-19 with

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

In such unpredictable times for society, we feel for our essential workers who (quite literally) face this pandemic head first. We have been busy custom designing and installing acrylic sneeze guards at registers and checkouts, deli counters and even golf course pro shops. These have all been designed to help protect your workers

For more information, please call our Sydney office on (02) 9833 0290, or email 

Click the link below for more images

Sneeze Guard Gallery


The Agripo® System

The Agripo® System is designed to create profitable root crop sales thanks to reduced waste, simplified logistics and an efficient process.

Reduced waste, increased sales, easier handling for staff, and better for our environment. It’s a system worth investing in. To learn more, click on the link below The Agripo® System

To many, shopfitting is simply fitting out a retail space with fixtures and fittings. But we look at shopfitting

on a much larger scale  

Through the identification of key areas, we have been able to provide our clients with a far greater service than just; “fitting out a retail space”

This is where evolution meets innovation. 


Shopfitting isn’t about specialising on just one aspect of your store. Whatever your store specialises in, we believe in our ability to cater to every square inch of it. That’s regardless of your location, or the unique circumstances your business might face. We can help your business with everything a customer sees, and everything they don’t. 

We can design, source, supply and build just about every shopfitting item you can think of. And then to top it all off – we can install it. Which helps you in the end because you only have to deal with one company and their staff – not several companies and numerous contractors.  

We also provide business solutions that assist in a number of ways, from project management, to product development, as well as procurement and distribution.

We believe we can help your business. And we’re confident that we can do it a price that offers the best value for money you can find.


We have an experienced design team that consists of Architects, Product Designers, and Engineers. Bringing your ideas to life is important, so we have made sure we have the right people to help you achieve that.

Just for you

Once our design team put your ideas onto a page, we then turn our attention to sourcing the right products to meet your needs. 

And if something can’t be found, don’t worry – we can build it. Custom made, just for your store.
The bulk food industry is growing rapidly 
with statistics showing the value to store owners only increasing.

Presentation of your whole foods display

is just as important as the food itself. 

And that is where we can help!

It’s no secret that the bulk food industry is experiencing an astronomical rise in popularity. There is an upward trend in society actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle, while putting into focus the importance of helping to preserve mother nature. 

With this continuation of seeking improvement, we have sought the same, and are the proud Australian agents for a number of world leaders in the bulk food industry.  Roar Equipment – Catering to the Raw Industry

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We like to bring to life the design in your mind. Once we’ve uncovered what you’re after, we go about creating products that suit you, that meet your requirements, that are tailored to you store.

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Our services focus on being able to take away a burden area of your business, and letting you get back to your best self. And we have a wide range of services that you and your business can take advantage of.

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We gradually update our galleries to showcase works that have been completed. If you would like to see more images of our work, simply check the individual product pages to see more of what we can do.

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