More than just Displays

We have a lot of pride in the work we do as shopfitters. Seeing a new display, full of stock, illuminated with new LED lighting, standing out in a store is something that never gets old. But this isn’t all we do. See how we can help your business below;


We do it all!

Design & Concept
Consultations with a design team, that may include accredited product designers, architects and engineers, can be a costly exercise. It is also something that can be a little intimidating for new businesses. We understand this, and more importantly, so do our design team. 
This is why we offer your first consultation for free. And even once the design team have been to work, you still won’t have to pay for anything unless you give the go-ahead for work to proceed. 

Create & Build
We have found that business owners, regardless of the size of their business, can feel like their store is missing something. Perhaps it is a display, or a finish, a new wall feature, even a trolley bay. We have a team in place that can help your business if this is what you need. 

We can create and build just about anything for your store, and can do it to match the displays and fixtures that already exist. 

Source & Supply
We have employees currently located overseas, who are employed to be on the lookout for exciting new products that may flourish in the Australian market. While looking into these new products, we have developed business partnerships allowing us our own manufacturing facilities.
With our sourcing experience, and our partnerships abroad, we have seen clients greatly benefit from having their product manufactured overseas in one of our facilities. This is even more evident when bulk supply of a product is required. 

Installation & Servicing
If a company claims to design, build and supply a product, then it should be on them to install and service it. And that’s what we do.
All of our products that we offer, we can install. And once installed we remain your team for servicing and maintenance, should the product ever require it. 

Roar Equipment – Your One Stop Shopfitting Shop!


Feel free to contact us if you need more information.